2 Hour Movie | Thriller
Executive Producers: Christina O’Shea-Daly
Writer: Sheldon Wilson

Inspired by True Events

All hell breaks loose when aspiring Social Worker KAREN gets more then she bargained for on her first Child Services case —turns out her foster, fourteen year old SOFIJA is daughter to DIMITRIJ, a ruthless Serbian human trafficker arrested for dumping bodies in a nearby river. SOFIJA speaks next to no English and KAREN is tasked with getting her foster into school immediately, even though, she worries the girl isn’t ready—and she’s right!

On her first day of school, a case of mistaken identity gets the bully who stole her oversized blue leather jacket abducted as she leaves the premises. The jacket was the only thing SOFIJA had left of her mother before she was ruthlessly murdered by her husband, DIMITRIJ, to stop her from testifying against him.

DIMITRIJ orchestrated the kidnapping from his jail cell. But when he finds out his men have captured the wrong girl, his fury ignites a deadly game of cat and mouse that plays out through the small town.

KAREN and SOFIJA are ALL IN for the fight of their lives and stop at nothing to escape his wrath.

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