10 x 1 Hour Series | Tween, Adventure, Drama
Executive Producers: Christina O’Shea-Daly

Writer: Caleb Ranson

When a princess and an ordinary girl swap places to escape their stifling lives, the adventure is beyond their wildest dreams—
but it could also give them more than they bargained for!
PENNY ‘Penelope’ (15) rebellious and idealistic. The daughter of King James, the UK’s monarch, desperate to lead a normal life 
and ‘make a difference’. EMMY ‘Emmeline’ (15) impressionable and romantic, lives a boring existence in the ‘burbs, would love 
to be famous and ‘special’. Two teenage girls with nothing in common… Or so you’d think: One—they both hate their lives and 
have an all embracing desire to be someone else… Two—they look the exact double of each other…. The answer swap lives—
what could possibly go wrong?!

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