10 X 1 Hour Series | Action-Adventure
Executive Producer: Christina O’Shea-Daly 

Writer: Caleb Ranson

A re-interpretation of Greek myths and legends played out in 21st century New York.

Forget Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, these threeGoddesses from ancient Greece are the real deal and they’re walking among us! They may look like any other teenage college student but these kick-ass sorority sisters are no ordinary mortals. Possessing unbelievable super powers they’ve been transported to the modern day in order to stop the forces of darkness from destroying civilization, as we know it! The battle lines have been drawn and it’s here in the Big Apple that the future of humankind will finally be played out! Posing as first year students at NYU these three Greek Goddesses live in a Residence Hall.Unbeknownst to their fellow students they’re battling evil by night, while by day they’re dealing with an arguably greater challenge; negotiating the tribal grounds and dating rituals of college!

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