10 x 1 Hour Series | Drama
Executive Producer: Christina O’Shea-Daly 
Writer: Gorman Lee

What if the future gave you the ability to digitally store and share all of your memories? Every smell, taste, touch, sound, sight, as well as the emotions you felt — All perfectly recreated in your mind, or your friends’, whenever you want. And what if only a select few people in the entire world had the key to not only steal those memories from you, but also change them?

An allegory for our modern fears about digital privacy and state surveillance, MEMORY LANE is an hourlong crime drama with scifi procedural elements, set in a future when users can digitize and share the full sensory experience of their favorite memories on an advanced social network called Memory Lane — a network that is not as secure as the public believes.

Former police detective IAN WEBB, whose past injuries prevent him from installing a memory implant, becomes entangled in a high profile murder of the Memory Lane CEO. He partners with PASCALE IWATA, a reformed hacktivist and fiancée to the victim, and NATHAN BELAND, an eager police detective, to find the truth. 

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